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deviantART Sucks
United Kingdom
Alright. I won't lie to you, what would be the point? I hate deviantART. Why?
  1. From the Terms of Service: "For the sole purpose of enabling us to make your Content available through the Service, you grant to deviantART a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, re-format, store, prepare derivative works based on, and publicly display and perform Your Content. Please note that when you upload Content, you allow third parties to copy, distribute and display your Content." This basically means they can do whatever the hell they want with your work the moment you submit it.
  2. The design. Oh god the design. deviantART v5: Horrible green colours, too many round corners and gradients, out of place icons and lots of CSS to load.
  3. The community sucks. That's right, the community. Most of dA is comprised of idiots who think their scribblings are brilliant, furry hentai and yaoi. Also, :+fav: :+favlove: galore. Apparently it's necessary to tell someone that they added you. They DID click the link, I'm sure they already know. Also, a better thanks would be to keep making new art since they obviously like your crap.
  4. Let's not forget the small matter of firing the co-founder...

So. deviantART sucks. This account will remain anonymous - it's to spread a word, it isn't meant to be a person. I'll use it to leave comments on a few people's dA journals, if I do, you know who I am.

I'll probably banned on this account soon after posting this. They can't stand people saying what they've already said themselves, and they ban for saying anything bad about deviantART. That's just another reason.

So long.


Before you say anything, yes, there is another way. Or at least, there will be.</cryptic hint>


If critiques are discouraged, what's the point of a comment box? "AWW SO CUTE KAWAII!!!! ^_____^^^"?…

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Triatel-x Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Daviant art site: lack of originality.Only way to make profit is to draw fanart. disapointing 
PurpleandRedStar Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
Pictures of Silver the Hedgehog when he was really really young are overrated.
CloudChaser101 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  New member Professional Digital Artist
Deviantart never was good.
Sonic and Furfag hentai,my little sonic.
Fucking sonic is spreading like ebola,by air ( a lot of places )
( Yes,I know ebola can only travel by liquids :( )
GoldenBrownNugget Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*My little Pony
M0nteNegr0 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I've been a Deviant on DeviantArt for about 5 years now.  Last year I uploaded my popular Pokebong series which most of them got over 10k views.  My highest one being the Original Pokebong which got 58,200 views.  I was particularly proud of that Deviation because the favorite ratio was about 1/1 to the views (58k to be exact) which is hard to get for anything online.  Anyway when I logged in and noticed the change from 58k to 7.5k I automatically went to support.  They were nice at the start and tried to give me a solution by refreashing the page which only gave me back several hundred views and they asked if that was right I told them it was way off and they said they never had a record of that (it was up more that a year already mind you).  Simultaniously I was going to launch a site for the Pokebong and themed apperal which I was going to show my investor the numbers which was why I wanted it fixed.  Support was trying to give me business advice and say that my investor was not very serious if he wanted to see the views so he would invest.  I was like BITCH thats not what I asked you!  I want my view and favorite counters back to their original numbers!  After that support told me that they couldn't help me and ended the conversation.  The request was locked and I couldn't even check off if they were helpful or not.  I don't know what happened to DA in recent years but this shit is rediculous!  I'm a professional in my field of work and demand to be treated as such.  I thought DeviantArt was a site that artists can share their work without persecution, but I see now that this site has gone corperate and don't give two shit about their community, just money and their public standing.  I don't know if DeviantArt has relationships with other companies and purposly keep popular Deviants and their Deviations down for their own reasons but this shit has to stop and I hope DA sees this and reconsiders their decisions and strategies (as well as resore my numbers!)  I will be moving my Gallery to a new art website as well as my own site in the weeks to come, leaving this post on my page as well to let everyone why I teminated our relationship.  DeviantArt, I expect more from you...

So everyone knows whats up:


Views: 58,200+
Favorites: 58,000+…

Views: 15,000+
Favorites: 7-8000+

And for the other few I can't remember its been so long now...
Check 'em all out! Favs are appreciated seeing as how I need to get 'em back up!
TheAdorkableNerd Featured By Owner Edited Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It sucks so hard, but if you thought it was bad, you've seen NOTHING. The amount of SJW's/TERF's here is unbelievable, cussing out cis people simply because they're comfortable with their body. Not to mention the shitty admins who usually don't help at all. And I agree wholeheartedly that the design of this website is absolute crap.  This looks like it was programmed in 2000, and you know what? It hasn't improved! It looks just as bad as it did when it started! dA has become unbearable compared to what it used to be (which it was garbage from the start).
Justaloverofhumanity Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Yes, this is sadly true. This place is corrupt to the crowd.
GoldenBrownNugget Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Then why are you on here?
CloudChaser101 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  New member Professional Digital Artist
To spread a message to the f̶a̶g̶g̶o̶t̶s̶  a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶s̶  g̶a̶y̶s̶ mentally handicapped people on deviantart that are too dumb to think about it,and give ideas.
TripleHate Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
I absolutely agree, the DA crowd is one of the most depressingly closed societies imaginable. These people will not so much as give you the time of day if you aren't on the front page constantly, which renders anything social meaningless. Recently I was part of a group forum RP, in the interest of maybe meeting some people, making some friends, and just to have some fun. Not only was I all but ignored from the moment I joined, when I was out for a week due to being violently ill, the entire group had left me behind without so much as a backwards glance or word of concern; they were so self-absorbed that no one even noticed when I left. There is simply no getting through to these people; I've spoken with drug-addicts who didn't have their heads as far in the clouds as these assholes.
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